Less is More


“So what is the schedule/agenda/program for the retreats at Barnabas House?”  I’m asked this question over and over in many different ways.  Every time I hear it I think, “You don’t really get it, do you?”

The issue of pastor burnout isn’t solved with more – more activities, more information, more 5 hour energy, more conferences, more ideas.  Today’s pastor has unprecedented access to information, ideas, and conferences via the Internet than any other time in history.  The pharmaceutical industry has insured that we can get by on less sleep than ever before thanks to prescription and over-the-counter stimulants that drive us ever forward.  Thanks to the pace of our culture, if the pastor isn’t at church (or at the job that actually pays the bills), the expectation to attend every sporting event and concert involving a congregant is enough to keep him or her busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  
The answer isn’t more.  Or perhaps it is the right more – more rest, more peace, more margin, more real relationship, more breathing.  At BHOK we make room for the right more.  There is time for solitude, free of expectations. We create opportunity for spontaneous conversation in a safe environment. Counseling is available, but not required.  Good reading material lines the walls, though one need never pick up a book.  In this place, our priority is to provide an atmosphere where the still, small voice of God can be heard.  
Pastors, make room for the right more.  Find a way to sometimes say no to things that are good, so that you can say yes to the things that are God.  
Church members, help your pastors make room for the right more.  Allow them to say no without criticism.  Build into the budget and the calendar the margin that is so integral to their service and spiritual development.  Take joy in seeing your pastor and his family rested. You’ll never regret having a well-loved leader.
How are you making room for the right more in your life or in your pastor’s life?

Great News!


Exciting things happening at BHOK!  As many of you know, Barnabas House does not yet have a permanent home.  We have sent individuals on a getaway weekend, but our vision for pastoral retreats has not been fully realized.  Our big news is that we are one big step closer! 

Over the weekend, we visited the home of Carl and Mollie Myers at Ft. Gibson Lake.  The house is on the grounds of The Canebrake Resort outside of Wagoner, Ok.  It is a beautiful and very large place overlooking the lake.  The Myers have graciously offered the use of their home for BHOK retreats – our very first group retreat will be this Spring!  We will welcome four couples for a 3 day/2 night retreat, feeding their bodies, minds, and spirits. We are so thankful to God and to the Myers for literally opening this door!

Work is also being done on our website, which we will launch in the very near future, and our LinkedIn page has been updated thanks to the assistance of Amy Campbell at www.theredchecker.com  It’s so great to have such gifted friends to help in our areas of lack.

We are raising funds for the Spring retreat, so please prayerfully consider nominating and/or sponsoring one or more couples for this much needed time of restoration.  The cost to sponsor a couple is $150 – a small amount due to the generosity of the Myers.  You may donate or contact us through our website www.barnabashouseok.com or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/barnabashouseok.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!