What We’re Thankful For


It’s been a few very busy weeks at BHOK. We’ve been hard at work on several projects that launched just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

First off, our new website is here! Same address, totally different look! http://www.bhok.org looks beautiful thanks to the gifted Lindsay Laidlaw! She has devoted many hours (and many revisions) to create a wonderful gift for a ministry she cares deeply about.

Secondly, we sent out our first marketing project. In the post last Monday went five “Message In A Bottle” packages to our local district supervisors of major denominations in this area. We’re so very excited to get these in the hands of people who are invested in the maintenance of pastors.

Thirdly, the date has been set for our Spring Retreat at Ft. Gibson Lake, March 2-4, 2014. Four pastor couples will come for a three-day/two-night retreat where they will restore, refresh, and renew. If you know a couple who you would like to nominate, fill out the form on our website with their information. Even better, sponsor their getaway to show how important they are to you!

We’re about to finish out the semester with Liz Russell as our intern. What a sweet, committed, diligent, and talented helper she has been. I don’t know what we will do without her around all the time! We bless her as she continues her studies and believe God has amazing things in store for her in the days to come!

As you wrap up 2013 and distribute your end of year giving, please consider the work we are doing at BHOK. Your gifts make all the difference in the lives of discouraged pastors and their spouses. You can donate securely through our website at www.bhok.org



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